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Work Well Mats offers one of the largest selections of industrial safety matting.
WWM has mats to reduce slips and anti-fatigue solutions for the workplace.
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Safety and comfort begins on the floor you stand on

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Enhanced safety with floor matting

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Product Categories of Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting and Underfoot Accessories

Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Mats

Keeping in mind the OH& S factor, our company offers increased safety based matting customization for industrial purposes which can be availed at a cost effective rate but have greater relevance in offering protection workplace or standing counter. Some of the products in this range include rubber matting; anti slip mats and rubber based anti-fatigue mats.

Effective Walkway Floor Matting Products

Incorporate customized floor carpets to make a heavy first impression for your home with our matting products. Their functionality in providing safety and giving the office or guest room the desired look is incomparable. Products range between heavy duty entrance matting, anti-slip mats and commercial grade chair matting.

Anti-Fatigue Matting Range

This product category also offers anti-fatigue safety matting and anti-slip mat which are specifically designed for food processing environments like the kitchen and the bar. These anti-fatigue mats are optimized to be lightweight for making the cleaning process easy.

Anti-Slip Floor Matting and Underfoot Accessories

Accessories in rubber matting and underfoot are purposely designed to complement the floor matting customization and include a range of ancillary products like tapes that can be used for demarcation on the floor.

Electrically Resistant Rubber Floor Matting

This rubber matting category includes resistant and conducive matting with accessories designed to prevent operators from electrical currents’ effects.

Anti-Fatigue walkway matting – anti slip rubber & floor mats

Enhance safety in floor matting with rubber, anti-fatigue, walkway & anti slip mats

Work Well Mats is a leader in innovative underfoot and matting solutions focusing on maximizing safety and comfort in the industrial workplace. Our priority is to serve you with the best of floor coverings in the form of walkway matting that are both affordable and of high quality, providing safety to all.

The best way to ease off the pressure on feet is to ensure that they have softer ground to walk on. Purchasing rubber-based anti-slip mat, anti-fatigue mats and walkway matting for flooring will serve the purpose. Our company offers anti-slip mat products to ensure that our customers’ rooms are well accessorized as well as the purpose of safety is also fulfilled.

We provide value to our clients by designing customized floor rubber matting solutions that provide unparalleled functionality and value. Our products like floor matting, walkway matting and anti-slip mats speak volumes of what we claim. Our list of satisfied customers keeps growing day by day and assures of the fact that we do take care of our customers’ needs.

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